Soontiëns Ecology

About Soontiëns Ecology

Soontiëns Ecology supports nature reservation projects in Poland and Spain. Soontiëns Ecology works together with other experts and shares knowledge and expertise in order to monitor and improve biodiversity in particular areas. Soontiëns Ecology provides support for local professionals and volunteers at reservation projects.

About Soontiëns Stadsnatuur

Soontiëns Stadsnatuur (Urban Ecology) strives to improve biodiversity in urban environments and raise awareness about the value of green surroundings for human and animal welfare. Soontiëns Stadsnatuur works together with people from local governments, organizations, schools and citizens to achieve this goal. We also organize workshops and lectures about the importance of urban green and biodiversity. Several green projects in urban areas have been realized by Soontiëns Stadsnatuur. Take a look at ‘groene woonwijken‘ for some examples.

About the owners

 Martijn van de Loo studied WildLife Management at the Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein in the Netherlands. His main expertise is herpetology and general ecology. During his studies he spent six months monitoring amphibians in Bialowieza National Forest in Poland. This has been the start of a long lasting interest in the biodiversity and wildlife at Bialowieza and a remaining connection to the area. To this day Martijn is very much involved with the newly founded Wejmutka Bialowieza Biodiversity Academy. Through Biodiversity Workshops valuable data is collected and the continued monitoring of amphibians is ensured.



Jeroen Soontiëns studied biology at the Radboud University in Nijmegen in the Netherlands. His main expertise is lepidoterology and the relationship between vegetation and urban fauna.

  • Samenspeelplein Eindhoven

    Samenspeelplein Eindhoven

    Bij Spilcentrum De Keverberg legden wij dit jaar een samenspeelplein aan. Kinderen met en zonder handicap worden op dit groene schoolplein gestimuleerd om samen te spelen en te leren.

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